Case Study

Project: C. Mark Openshaw Education Center

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Client: C. Mark Openshaw Education Center

Location: Millcreek, Utah

Year: 2017

The C. Mark Openshaw Education Center shares a site with an existing middle school for deaf and blind students in Millcreek, Utah. Working with a team of architects, engineers and educational representatives, Landmark Design created a landscape design that provides engaging educational play and learning experiences as part an integrated outdoor environment.

The various gardens, entry courts and courtyards were purposefully designed to engage as many senses as possible. A key feature of the project is the interior courtyard which consists of a series of linked “play gardens”, with one half of the courtyard designed to meet the special play and outdoor education needs of deaf students, and the other half the needs of visually impaired students. The distinct forms “break down” in the middle of the cloister allowing the two groups to meet and play together.

The landscape was designed according to the High-Performance Building Standard (HPBS) utilized by the Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM). In addition to promoting the use of water-wise and local materials and solutions, the landscape design also incorporates sustainable maintenance and design practices.


Utah Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects
Award of Merit (2017)

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