Case Study

Project: Smith Fields Park Splash Pad

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Client: Draper City

Location: Draper, Utah

Year: 2018

It was great working with Landmark Design in the design and development the Smith Fields Splash Pad Park. We were able to create a splash pad that reflects the surrounding environment, including taking advantage of the backdrop views of Corner Canyon and Lone Peak. The park will be serve as a popular summer community gathering center for years to come.

Brad Jensen
Draper City Project Manager

The Smith Fields Park Splash Pad is an approximately 3.3 acre site adjacent to Draper City’s existing Smith Fields Park and Dog Park on 13400 South. While the focal point of the site is the interactive water feature, the project also includes parking, a restroom, and picnic shelters. Landmark Design successfully led a team comprised of water design specialists/engineers, civil engineers, lighting and electrical engineers and an architect through the concept and design development, construction documentation, and the bidding phases of the project. A major component of this project was to find a design concept that not only met the City’s vision aesthetically, but also fit within their budget. To meet these needs, cost analyses were created and shared throughout the process. The Splash Pad was constructed last fall and will be opening in 2018.


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