Case Study

Project: Town of Alta Commercial Core Plan

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Client: Town of Alta

Location: Alta, Utah

Year: 2016

The Town of Alta, Utah and Landmark Design worked together on the Town of Alta Commercial Core Plan during a time when major changes were being planned for Little Cottonwood Canyon. Through the development of a set of “guiding principles” for our project, and a disciplined approach to public involvement, Landmark helped the town focus on its own priorities, and the plan that resulted was reasonable and actionable, but also creative and visionary.   

Chris Cawley
Assistant Town Administrator
Town of Alta

The plan articulates and establishes a “Commercial Core” and Town Center that will help advance the Town of Alta as an important voice in the rapidly changing Wasatch Mountains and Little Cottonwood Canyon locale. The key objectives of the plan include defining a viable, sustainable, and livable Town Center that provides opportunities for year-round activity and economic growth, community interaction and gathering, employee housing, and additional recreational opportunities, while maintaining the unique qualities of the mountain resort community with a friendly, small town atmosphere.

The project is rooted in an extensive and innovative public involvement process that included a Plan Advisory Committee for providing overall guidance to the plan process; Project Web Page/Social Media Participation & Information Exchange; and numerous public meetings and workshops to develop and vet ideas and provide planning direction. Based in large part on the input received, a range of plan alternatives were developed and explored, eventually resulting in a Preferred Plan. The Draft Plan represents a consensus vision for the area, including a small mixed-use center along the highway corridor leading through the small town, smaller-scale transportation enhancements and similar improvements, and the transformation of the Albion Base area into a terminal transit hub, with a mix of small-scale, mixed use development emerging over time.

The Draft Plan was presented to the public as part of a joint public open house meeting and planning commission meeting in June 2016, and was adopted later in the year.


Utah Chapter American Planning AssociationAchievement Award (2017)

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