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Draper City Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan

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Parks, trails, open space, and recreation are top priorities for Draper residents. The City has a strong commitment to provide high quality parks, cemeteries, streetscapes, recreation facilities, cultural facilities, natural open space and recreation programs for the community.

Draper owns and manages approximately 200 acres of developed parks, which include over 30 parks, 16 trailheads, and 10 special use parks, including an amphitheater and equestrian arena. There are over 100 miles of cycling, hiking, and equestrian trails in the community. The City also owns more than 4,000 acres of open space in the Corner Canyon and Traverse Range areas, and there are approximately 450 acres of public open space within the City’s boundaries along the Jordan River Parkway owned and managed by various public agencies.

The previous Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan was completed in 2008, and is due for an update. The updated Master Plan is intended to serve as a guide for policy decisions; prioritizing and balancing demands and opportunities; and providing a framework for evaluating future land acquisitions, park improvements and other expenditures of public funds for parks and recreational activities. The outcome of the update process will be a long-range plan for park improvements that will enable multi-year planning for capital investments. The plan will also guide development of recreational programming and cultural opportunities and identify new and expanded facilities for providing these services. The Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan will become an element of the current General Plan and will require the approval of the Planning Commission and the City Council.



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