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Lindon City General Plan Update

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Stretching from the Wasatch foothills to the shores of Utah Lake, Lindon City is a community with a strong connection and a place people are proud to call home. With a tagline "Lindon: a little bit of country", this is a community that wants to blend future growth with the setting and history to maintain the high quality and its reputation as an enviable place to live. This is a city with an intact history and a community clearly calls out small town roots. Simply stated, Lindon City is a place with a bright horizon full of opportunity. With Lindon’s many positive qualities, growth and development pose both opportunities and challenges. These conditions support the application of a proactive planning approach to maintain and enhance the characteristics that people love about this place.

Now is the time to make good choices. A new general plan is essential to retain the essence of what the City is today while establishing a clear path forward as the City approaches build-out in coming decades. A targeted engagement process lies at the heart of this process, utilizing the ideas and vision from past public engagement processes together with input and direction of a Plan Advisory Committee, City leaders and staff. Together we will develop a clear vision that acknowledges and strengthens and protects existing neighborhoods while identifying new opportunities to establish and reinforce special districts and nodes to accommodate the needs of visitors and residents alike.

This will be achieved by understanding specific opportunities that will encourage existing businesses to stay and thrive and encourage new ones to locate here, invest and succeed. Such changes begin with understanding of how to align future actions with a clear future vision that holistically incorporates land use, transportation, parks and other components of a successful and thriving city.

This process is also an opportunity to explore new ideas and forms of community development to meet changing needs. This will be supported through carefully targeted growth and investments to make Lindon a more attractive and desirable city that maintains its unique “sense of place” in the process.





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