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Roy General Plan Update

Thank You for Attending our Public Open House!  In case you missed us, you can also view the draft of the Plan here on this website, or watch the video below to hear an overview of the plan as presented to the Planning Commission. Click the links at the right to view a brief Executive Summary or the Plan in full.  We welcome your comments and hope you find the new vision for Roy as exciting as we do.  Please send questions or comments about the plan to .


Since Roy last updated its general plan in 2002, the City has met some of its previous goals and identified new opportunities for growth.  Recently, the city developed a vision and action plan (FOCUS Roy) that established goals for development in two focus areas, Downtown Roy and the new Frontrunner Station Area. As Roy enters an exciting new chapter in its growth, the City's General Plan needs an update with goals that synergize with the vision of FOCUS Roy and the values of the City's residents. In addition to re-establishing the overarching vision for the City, the General Plan Update will specifically focus on four key areas:

  • Addressing issues surrounding the implementation of FOCUS Roy goals within Downtown and the FrontRunner Station area
  • Evaluating the City's transportation network for safety and efficiency for all user groups and transportation modes
  • Creating opportunities for encouraging mixed-use development, affordable housing options, and office/commercial development
  • Reviewing economic development goals to encourage business investment and redevelopment

Concurrently with the General Plan Update, Roy is also creating a form based code for the Downtown and FrontRunner Station Areas, as recommended in the FOCUS Roy Plan. The form based code will replace the existing zoning regulations in the Downtown and FrontRunner areas with a new code that promotes the walkability and development vision as established in FOCUS Roy. A form-based code is defined as a land development regulation that fosters predictable built results and a high-quality public realm (streets and open spaces) by using physical form, rather than separation of uses, as the organizing principle for the code.

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