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Western Weber Futures is the tagline given to the process for creating an updated general plan for the Western Weber Planning Area. The Planning Area encompasses all of the unincorporated areas of Weber County west of the Wasatch Mountains including the communities of Uintah Highlands, Taylor, West Weber, Warren and West Warren.  

The West Central Weber County General Plan, which addresses the contiguous County land located north of Hooper City, South of Plain City, and West of the cities of West Haven, Ogden, and Marriott-Slaterville, was last updated in 2003. The Uintah Highlands area was last addressed in the Southeast Planning Area Master Plan, which was completed in 1970. The community has changed significantly since current plans were adopted.Due to growing demand and increasing pressure, resident and property owners face a new set of challenges and opportunities to meet future needs. Now is the time for an update to the plans for these areas, which begins by settling on a clear and comprehensive VISION.

Western Weber Futures will address the various components of a complete community - including land use, transportation, parks and recreation, trails, economics, housing to name a few. The updated general plan will be comprehensive, providing a chapter-by-chapter assessment of future needs and the actions to achieve them, while recognizing the importance of the unique natural setting, the surrounding landscape and the history of the area as growth occurs.


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