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Murray Central Station

The Murray Central Station is a place of connections and linkages, where people arrive and depart on their way to destinations near and far. Located in the geographic heart of the Salt Lake Valley, this area is undergoing major transformation as part of creating a thriving city center and a regional service center. A clear vision for the area has been established through recent planning efforts, most notably the recently-adopted Murray General Plan (2017). We embrace the good work that lies behind these efforts, and will translate the energy and excitement to the station area. We will develop a plan that will allow the city to shape the area according to a clear vision with the types and forms of development that match it. The plan will clarify Murray’s brand and its growing position as a regional player, and more specifically it will provide answers through specific assessments and initiatives as follows:

  • Assessment of the study area’s built environment, current development patterns and socioeconomics.
  • Understanding of the underlying physical and environmental implication of the area’s location within the Smelter Site Overlay District (SSOD). Our planning efforts will be grounded on a clear understanding of the opportunities, constraints and impacts that these conditions have on the potential types of development, costs, and markets that can be supported.
  • Assessment of the market potential of the station area, and the synergies of commercial and multi-family residential uses as part of a mixed-use transit district located in an emerging urban center.
  • Understanding of the connections and access to and from the station area for vehicles, transit and active transportation modes including pedestrians and bicyclists.

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